BuzzTV VidStick ST4000 Android 4K Video Stick
BuzzTV VidStick ST4000 Android 4K Video Stick

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  • BuzzTV will Fire you up with the VidStick ST-4000 video streaming stick. It is not your average TV Stick, featuring High-Performance DDR4 RAM, 16GB of storage, Expandable memory capabilities, optional Gigabit LAN support, Dual Band AC Wi-Fi, and BT-100 Wireless Bluetooth LED-backlit remote control. ST4000 is designed with extra ventilation grids for better airflow keeping this powerful stick running cool to the touch.
    The VidStick ST-4000 is compact in size, big in performance. This travel-friendly stick is 2x Faster than the XPL3000 set-top box and includes the velvet travel bag. The ST-4000 Operating System is Powered by Android 9. This modified OS is optimized for better performance and features Full system backup & restore. The new cleaner designed launcher makes it easier to access your important stuff faster. BuzzTV Utilities provides the ability to customize the home page launcher and more.

    BuzzTV slogan is “Everyone’s TV Box”, finally you have an Android box that satisfies both hobbyists and Newbies.



    • 2GB DDR4 RAM
    • 16GB Internal Memory
    • Optional 1Gigabit LAN Support (sold separately)
    • HDMI 2.1
    • Dual Band AC Wi-Fi
    • Android OS 9.0
    • AMlogic S905Y2
    • Full System Backup / Restore
    • 2x System Performance
    • BuzzTV BT-100 Remote
    • Multi Launcher Support
    • OTA Updates for Android & BuzzTV 4
    • Includes Energizer Premium Batteries


    This Package Includes:

    • BuzzTV ST-4000 streaming stick
    • HDMI extender cable
    • IR sensor extending cable
    • US power adapter
    • Velvet travel bag
    • BuzzTV BT-100 remote controller
    • 2X AAA Energizer premium batteries
    • Setup guide
    Full System Backup / Restore
  • 2x System Performace
  • 3x Faster Channel Zapping
  • New BuzzTV IR-100 Remote
  • SmartLED Technology
  • New Video Player
  • OTA Updates for Android & BuzzTV 4


BuzzTV XR 4000 Android IPTV OTT Set Top Box
HDMI cable
Power Adapter


BuzzTV IR-100 Remote Controller
2X AAA batteries
Setup Guide
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