Aube Technologies Digital Programmable Electric Baseboard Heat Thermostat (TH106)


Product Code: TH106

SKU: 7526431060

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Price: $46.99
  • High-capacity electronic thermostat (up to 4000 W@240V)
  • Timeless design complements any room
  • Ultimate temperature control - the most accurate type of theremostat on the market (± 0.15 C / 0.27 F)
  • On-screen heating power indicator gives as-a-glance verification of power being used
  • 2-wire non-polarized connection means fast, hassle-free installation
  • Early Start function ensures programmed temperature is reached by the programmed time
  • Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming
  • Battery-free backup means no-reprogramming your schedule after a power outage

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